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Hi Quality Photography with an Experienced Photographer.

Joe Tese has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. He developed headshot imagehis skills as a commercial photographer in NYC working for studios that produced photography for the advertising industry. During his earlier years as a staff photographer he captured images of products for catalogs, such as jewelry, electronics, soft goods, furniture, glassware and food. Back then the medium was analog film. The format of choice was large format 11 x 14, 8x10 and 4x5 transparency film. He used these large format view cameras for such products and 2 1/4 SLR and 35mm for live model shoots. There was a time when he decided to open his own studio in NY. There he also housed a film processing lab. He further refined his skills shooting special effect photography and using in camera masking techniques. Many of his corporate clients would send him on location to different parts of the country to shoot for their annual report publications.

Mr. Tese also produced multi media presentations for his clients which included audio, still photography and video. He added a facility to his studio to accommodate these productions. When the digital age hit, Mr. Tese purchased film recorders that captured custom graphics created on computers and transferred those images to film which he later processed in his lab. This new equipment was used to produce multi media 35mm slide presentations. These presentations were using several film projectors synced up to audio and digitally controlled.

When he relocated to North Carolina, he continued his photography and staffed his studio with the best personel he could find. Utilizing the latest in digital cameras, lenses, lighting, and software, Mr. Tese is committed to providing the best product photography at an affordable price.