Phase 4

You will receive two files for each photo from us. We include a full size .jpg image at 72 dpi of your products shot on a seamless white background used for online retailers or websites. We also include a high resolution .tif image at 300 dpi used for print. The product will cast a soft shadow onto a white seamless background. It provides additional depth and ties the product to the white background. It's a classic look that works great with everything.

If you need your images set to a specific size (height x width in pixels), please let us know and we will provide the file size you require at no additional charge. We can accommodate up to 5,520 x 3,680 pixels. You will receive your images sized and cropped to 2400 x 3000 pixels. This will give you a high quality 8x10 print at 300 dpi.

As an option ($5.00 additional per photo), we will create a mask of the background, foreground and silhouette each product resulting in a pure white background and foreground (product with no shadow). This mask would be placed in a layer on the .tif file. Another layer that shows the product with the original shadow will also be on the image file. A designer can then change the color of the background, have a transparent background, keep the pure white background or retain the original photo with shadow easily using Photoshop. By choosing this option, your high resolution .tif file at 300 dpi is now altered to include all the layers and your .jpg files will now show the masked photos.